The Julian Alps

At Hike&Bike cycling is our passion and also a way of life. We spend all our free time riding our bikes and exploring new routes. We are lucky that we live in a beautiful area of the Julian Alps. We believe, that cycling in the Alps in a must for every true cyclist. Here in Slovenia the largest mountain group are the Julian Alps. The mountains are located in the north western part of Slovenia bordering to Austria to the north and Italy to the west. We live and work under the highest mountain of Slovenia, mt. Triglav rising 2864m above sea level. Although this is not the highest peak that you can find in the Alps it is very important to every Slovenian. You can find mt. Triglav on the Slovenian flag and in our coat or arms. This puts us among a small amount of countries with a mountain as their national symbol. The main towns and valleys that surround the mountain group are Bled, Bohinj valley, Upper Sava valley with Kranjska Gora and Soca valley.

Cycling in the Julian Alps

There are numerous options for cycling in the area for all cyclists. Road cycling, mountain biking and gravel biking are like at home here. You can find a network of gravel roads that you can combine in really nice tours. Most areas in the Julian Alps are also a part of the Triglav National park there are cycling rules that we need to follow when riding in the area. It is not allowed to ride on hiking trails and that there are limited singletrails available to mountain bikers. For us locals it is very important to protect the nature that surrounds us and we find it very important to take care of it also for our future generations.

Julian Alps and Kranjska Gora village
View on the Bohinj lake in the Triglav National Park

Juliana Bike trail

Juliana Bike is a carefully designed circular long distance trail that is originally a part of the Slovenian mountain bike route (STKP) that is more than 1800 km long. The route is divided into 41 stages and if you choose to ride the entire route you will climb for more than 50.000 vertical meters (165.000 feet).

As a part of this long distance trail Juliana Bike makes a full circle around mount Triglav. The total distance is 290 km (including approach stages) and covers 8500 vertical meters. All in all the trail is divided into 7 main stages and 3 approach stages, but in our opinion an average cyclist can do the circle in 3 to 5 days (depending on the exact route choice and the type of bike you choose).

Biking has always been a part of our life and we live in Stara Fuzina, a picturesque village located in Bohinj valley. The Juliana Bike trail passes our home and we have ridden the entire loop with all its variations and stages many times on all kinds of bikes. The best thing about this tour is the fact that you can visit all the top destinations in the Juliana Alps by bike and be active on your trip. With cycling you also have a minimal impact on the environment and you don’s miss any of the attractions despite traveling at a lower speed compared to exploring the area by car. 

gravel bikes by the lake bohinj
Gravel bikes by lake Bohinj
bike packing at jasna lake kranjska gora
A stop at lake Jasna before the climb to Vrsic pass (1611m)
gravel cyclists talking
A short break on Napoleon bridge in Soca valley

How to ride the Juliana Bike trail?

With just small variations you can do a circle around the Juliana Alps on the Juliana Bike with road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike. We have carefully prepared all three variations so that you experience the best roads and trails on your ride. Of course we have considered what can be ridden with a specific bike and we have planned stops at the natural and cultural attractions along the way. With a wide range of partners and friends along the route we have also designed the tours in a way that logically and logistically ensure the best cycling experience of the area.

Juliana Bike loop

Since we live in the area we always know what the conditions on the trails are, what time is best to come and what is the best way to organise cycling vacation in the Julian Alps. We are really happy to help out all the keen cyclists with planning the tour, booking accommodation and organising luggage transfers. If you are unexperienced with navigation we will be happy to guide you during your rides and show you all the secret gems of the area.

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Video of riding a loop around the Julian Alps in one day:

Riding the Juliana Bike at lake Bled and from Bohinj valley to Kranjska Gora with “The Bikingman” Axel Carion (from 6:00 on):


What can hikers do in winter?

Hiking is one of the activities that you can easily do all year long. Of course it depends on the area where you do your hikes, but most places offer trails that can be hiked in all four seasons. If you live in the mountains like we do, then winter months are the time when snow covers the surface and also in a way limits the access to the summer hiking trails. Luckily people in the past already discovered great ways how to “travel” on snow. One of the inventions that we find really great are snowshoes that allow us to hike even if the snow is deep and fresh. In fact, it gets even better. Because of the snowshoe design we are not limited to the trails and can hike wherever we want as long as the terrain and snow conditions are good enough to safely move around and enjoy winter.

Julian Alps in winter

Julian Alps are a part of the Alps mountain range. The highest peak is mt. Triglav (2864m), that is very popular, although not easy climb in the summer. In the winter climb to Triglav is reserved for alpinists and IFMGA guides. In our opinion you need a lot of winter climbing experiences and a very good fitness level in order to safely enjoy the climb. The same goes for most of the high peaks of the Julian Alps in winter months.

Nevertheless winter hikers and snowshoeing fans can enjoy the Julian Alps as well by hiking in the valleys and choosing the tours and trails that are suitable and safe. All the top areas, Bled, Bohinj valley, Kranjska Gora and the Upper Sava valley and Soca valley in good snow conditions offer amazing snowshoeing experience. You can hike through the beautiful forests of the Pokljuka plateau, explore alpine pasture and meadows in Bohinj valley, hike under the steep mountain peaks in the Upper Sava valley and explore the tranquility and colours of the Soca river in the Soca valley.

What equipment do I need for snowshoeing?

Besides snowshoes a good pair of hiking shoes and suitable winter hiking clothes are a must. We also recommend to use hiking poles for more stability, a pack with extra clothes, snacks and warm drink. We also strongly advise to have with you on a tour also first aid kit, map of the area and compass. Before the tour you should always make a plan of your hiking tour and check the weather and snow forecast.

Guided snowshoeing tours

There is always a chance to hire a guide and enjoy the unknown terrains even more. Licensed IFMGA and mountain guides are fully trained and experienced leaders that will choose the best route for you and make sure that your snowshoeing experience in the Julian Alps will be and unforgettable experience.

More information

Bohinj valley snowshoe hike – https://www.hikeandbike.si/portfolio/bohinj-valley-snowshoe-hike/

Gravel biking in Soca valley

Spring is slowly coming to the Julian Alps as well and we spend more and more time on our bikes. Gravel cycling is what we like the most and this week we decided to explore the beautiful Soca valley. We rode from Most na Soci to Kobarid and made a super nice lunch by the Soca river. Maja also did a dip in the river as well although the water temperature is still quite low. If you want to see how we spent our day please check our video. 🙂


Winter moments

This winter was really generous with snow and we are enjoying every moment of it, spending time outdoor, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, skiing and forest bathing. Now it’s the end of February and at the moment we can do skiing in the morning and cycling in the afternoon. So grateful to live in such an amazing area. We would love to share all this beauty with you and would like to thank you for your comments.

Winter life in the mountains

More and more we understand and like the simple life connected with the nature. Especially in the winter it’s time where you can really connect with the natural life cycle and experience the pace in which the nature moves.


MARCH – Covid-19 lockdown and off-grid mountain life

AUGUST – Bike trip around Julian Alps in one day – 209.5 km and 3900 v.m. 🙂

Off grid mountain life during COVID-19 lockdown

This year is strange for all of us. Lockdowns, restrictions, tests, new rules… We miss our friends, guests, travels, hangouts, but are staying positive and full of new plans . In the video you can find how we spent lockdown days in our off-grid mountain hut in the Julian Alps and see the projects that kept us busy. 🙂

A loop around the Julian Alps in one day

We live in the north-western part of Slovenia and the area is surrounded by mountains. To be more precise we live in the largest mountain group in Slovenia, called the Julian Alps. They are a part of the largest European mountain group; the Alps. Our home is the amazing Bohinj valley located in the heart of the Triglav national park. The park is named after Slovenia’s highest mountain – Triglav rising 2864m above sea level. The Julian Alps are surrounded by 3 main valleys: Bohinj valley, Upper Sava valley and Soca valley and mt. Triglav is located almost in the middle of the park and the Julian Alps.

I have been biking in the area all my life and I can say that I know the terrain quite well. I have ridden almost all of the tarmac roads and most of the gravel trails in the area in the past years. For a long time I had an idea to ride the full loop around the mt. Triglav and Julian Alps in one day and finally I managed to do this together with my neighbour Scott; an Australian guy, that moved to Stara Fuzina with his wife Ally a few years ago. We did the loop on Aug 7th 2020 and I filmed and took photos of the ride. My wife Maja has edited a short video about the day and you are welcome to check it out below.


Distance: 209.5 km

Vertical meters: 3900

Average speed: 19.7 km/h

If you would like to experience a ride like this as well please let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂


In this video we present you our Hike&Bike chalet located in the village Stara Fuzina in the heart of the Triglav National Park. The chalet is suitable for 4 persons and is located next to the Mostnica river. The chalet is just 10 min walking from the Bohinj lake and is also a great starting point for hiking in the Julian Alps. The long distance hiking Juliana trail passes the house as well. Enjoy the video! 🙂