Why choose Slovenia as your active holiday destination?

When it comes to endless sports and fun activities in the nature, Slovenia has a bunch to offer.

Slovenia gets more & more recognised as a country of incredible natural heritage that stuns many major athletes, as well as active tourists.
Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, having a healthy & active family, or just want to relax and do yoga in the heart of pure nature, Slovenia doesn’t slack. Gaining its popularity among active tourists as the most sustainable destination in Europe, we’ve prepared for you another 9 reasons to visit this Central-European hidden gem.

Slovenia is among top European countries when it comes to road safety for cycling. There are special trails for bicycles only, surrounded by Slovenia’s purest nature and greenery, which makes it super nice & safe to bike around even if you have smaller kids in your biking squad. Trails will never get boring or exhausting too quickly, and when they do, Slovenia is the best choice when it comes to finding a good and friendly accommodation spot.

Bicycle friendly accommodation

This country provides so many easily-accessible accommodation spots for just about any type of traveler. You can choose between high-end luxurious hotels with saunas, simple B&B by the road with home-made traditional meals, or high standard campsites with food served and clean showers. The best thing, however? You can you bicycles or other larger sport equipment safely stored, or even rent a bike in case you didn’t bring one.

Licensed bike guides for extra safe experience

In Slovenia, you can bike throughout the entire country with the same licensed and well-equipped guides due to the country’s small size. You can even have a peak into a few surrounding countries with them if you’d like! What traveler’s appreciate the most, is that you don’t only get a qualified guide for a day or a week but a lifelong friend.

Perfect accommodation spots & travel connections

Not only is Slovenia very conveniently situated in the heart of Europe and thus has really good travel connections to most parts of the world, it also offers good chances for quality accommodation just about everywhere. You can enjoy your mornings amid the mountains, have breakfast by the lake, and dinner at the campsite with your biker friends. We recommend cosy & traditional wooden chalets that will melt your heart.

Friendly locals & fair prices

We sometimes get questions & stories from concerned travelers from around the world about how unsafe and unsure they felt in certain cities, countries, where they were pretty much left to their own destiny while cycling around. It can be adrenalin-packed, I’ll give you that, but it’s nobody’s favourite thing to travel somewhere new & unknown, wanting to do some outdoor activities and is left without a proper guide. At Hike & Bike, Maja & Grega will provide you with their knowledge, get you familiar with local goods and some of the best people in Slovenia, and even make sure you get the best deals around!

Top activity spots in the heart of pure and green

When it comes to endless sports and fun activities in the wild, Slovenia has a bunch to offer! Are you interested in Mountain biking but over the same old dust and sand? Here you can have your favourite sport in the forest, go on top of the mountain, or bike by the beach! Ever dreamt about horseback riding by the refreshing lake? No problem! Do you just want to hike but make it a bit more special? Go ahead and check the evening torch walk or experience Forest Therapy Walk. The sky is the limit – and it’s definitely true because, yes, you can also go paragliding above some of the prettiest nature spots in Slovenia.

Offers flexibility & possibilities for everyone

You don’t always need to decide between being very active or completely relax your day away – you can have both! A good guide will be able to adjust to the group of travelers with different needs and wishes, or form similar groups of people together. At Hike & Bike, their specialty is being flexible with the guests – from adjusting the number of people in 1 group, to the difficulty level of each activity, and number of free days for every person!

Personal approach without mass tourism clutter

Since there are many smaller tourism offer providers in Slovenia, a personal approach is guaranteed. You won’t feel like just another number in a big group, being pushed around to follow the guide’s flag. Personal contact with guests makes you feel more comfortable, cosy and homely. Slovenia tourism board works a lot towards sustainability and conserving the nature so by choosing smaller providers you help protect this green piece of land but also get a much more formidable experience!

Activity mixed with sightseeing

If you’re not just in for the activity’s sake, Slovenia is definitely a great choice! You probably hear me say “small” a lot, but it’s true, you can travel this country within a few hours but by all means, do take a few days to really explore it. Being a pocket-sized wonder, it offers you great possibilities in being active while actually see interesting historical, cultural, natural and modern sights.

People visiting Slovenia from across the globe are in constant awe of how pretty yet unknown this small country is – and for many of them, this is a good thing, since this makes Slovenia even more special, pure and magical.