Forest Melody


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A forest adventure to discover the melodiousness of the trees and the mysteries of the forest.

Did you know that melody and sound can be elicited from trees, that trees talk to each other and transmit messages? Only certain people can coax mysterious sounds from the trees. You too can make this happen on a guided experience.

Forest Melody

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3-4 hours

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Every tree is a musical instrument of its own

Melody of the Forest is an intimate, profound, but nevertheless very intense experience of the forest. As part of a guided experience, you get to know the forest in a different way, as a unique, subtle natural landscape, where you can reconnect with nature and at the same time find your balance and relax. A forest bath and meditation makes you realise how very alive, sonorous and fragile the forest really is – once you become silent. The exclusive private micro-location ensures intimacy and privacy. You will discover the resonance of individual trees and together create a harmonious forest melody. You will learn about the disappearing handicraft skills in the local environment, which makes the experience also a story about the living cultural heritage of Bohinj. Conclude the experience with a forest tea party, a rest in hammocks, a sound bath and natural foot reflexology by walking on the forest floor.


  • Life cycle of the forest
  • Recognition of resonant wood
  • Demonstration of the sound of a common and resonant spruce
  • Eliciting melodies from tree trunks and connecting them with flute sounds
  • Meditation in the forest with a forest bath
  • Natural reflexology
  • Playing a resonant musical instrument
  • A sound bath while resting in hammocks
  • A tour of foresters’ lodges
  • Forest tasting including forest tea, herbal brandies, liqueurs, herbal spread, spruce biscuits


  • 1 – 6 persons: 99 eur/person
  • 7 persons or more: 69 eur/person


All year round

Surrender yourself to magical melody of the trees

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