Exploring Yorkshire & re-wilding my spirit

Yorkshire was an exceptional place to reconnect, restore balance and happiness and also a reminder how important forests are.

Deepening knowledge about forest therapy in the company of guides and mentors from all over the world was a wonderful experience, which only confirmed my strong belief that the forest is an exceptional place to reconnect with yourself, restore balance and happiness.

We were hosted at Broughton Sanctuary in Skipton – a shelter where everything turns around reconnecting with nature, finding peace in yourself and unplugging from the busy world. The estate extends over 1.200 ha, has more than 1.000 years history and ownership is passed from generation to generation. The current owners are 33rd family in a row. The estate has a main building with 17 rooms and price includes staff and chef who prepares exceptional local dishes. In addition to the main building, there are 18 luxury holiday homes, a various number of possibilities for relaxation, a sauna in the forest, cycling paths, a Land Rover experience

What fascinated me was endless rolling meadows, covered with heather and blueberries, sheeps at every where you look and rabbits that live a free life and follow you every step of the way.
On the other hand, everything is not as fairy-tale as it seems at first glance and this is a strong reminder of how very important forests are. People are struggling with excessive deforestation for the needs of grazing and the consequences are big. The natural balance has been disrupted, many animal species have disappeared, they have more floods, drinking water is threatened, climate change is obvious and the earth is compacted and without oxygen.

Realising how absolutely necessary a forest is for all living beings on this planet, they embarked on a huge reforestation project. They have already planted more than 230.000 trees on 1000 ha of the estate. Their philosophy follows the motto Rewild the land, rewild the spirit.

All this made me very grateful for the paradise in which we live in Slovenia, where more than 60% of our country is covered with forests and my favorite place Bohinj valley with crystal clear lake, fresh drinking water and clean mountain air. Sometimes traveling to new places is also a reminder that makes us even more aware and encourages us to respect more and be grateful for pristine nature and everything that it offers us again and again.

Step in, step out.
Step in again and again and again.
It is there for you, it will always be there for you.
Waiting to embrace you in green hug of infinity.