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Bohinj & Julian Alps are our home


We are not a typical tour operator that offers trips all over the world. Julian Alps are our home and spending time in the nature is our way of life. We are special, different, adventurous, unique, playful, stubborn and persistent Slovenians, living in Bohinj valley that is a part of the Triglav National Park. We feel most at home in nature, where we explore, get ideas for new experiences and collect energy. Whether it’s biking, hiking, or immersing ourselves in the great outdoors, we consider the breathtaking views and the tranquility of nature to be our workplace. It’s here where we craft unique, tailor-made experiences for your unforgettable vacation.

Welcome to Hike and Bike – Where nature meets adventure.

Treat yourself to an active vacation in the pristine nature of the Julian Alps!


Map of Chalets for Your Perfect Getaway! 

SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL IN THE Heart of Slovenia’s Only National Park

All our chalets are located in the only national park in Slovenia. The park carries the name after our highest mountain – mt. Triglav (2864m). Through centuries our ancestors managed to preserve this magical piece of earth that we call home, and it is our duty and obligation to preserve the area for our children and grandchildren.

Bohinj valley is our home. We know the rules in the park and we know how to get the best experience of the park with as little impact as possible. We believe that hiking and cycling are the two most sustainable ways of exploring new places. We try to keep our carbon fingerprint on our tours as little as possible.

All our chalets carry traditional architectural elements, and we put a lot of effort in preserving the typical mountain feel in them with the use of stone and wood.

In the park you can do a lot of activities including the climb to the top of mt. Triglav. We will be happy to share with you local stories and show you where the hidden gems are.

All you have to do is come and FEEL THE NATURE with us.

Why should I choose Hike and Bike Adventures for my trip to the Julian Alps?

Hike and Bike Adventures is a local expert, deeply rooted in the Julian Alps, offering authentic experiences, eco-friendly chalets, and a commitment to sustainable travel.

What sets your chalets apart from others?

Our chalets are located within the Triglav National Park, preserving the environment, and are designed with traditional architectural elements, preserving the mountain feel with stone and wood.

Do I need to bring my own equipment for guided hike tours?

We provide the necessary equipment for our guided tours, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the adventure

What makes the Julian Alps an ideal location for mountain biking?

The Julian Alps boast a network of mountain biking trails suitable for all levels. Learn about the thrilling rides and scenic routes that await cyclists.

Can you recommend the best hiking trails in the Julian Alps for beginners?

We have a selection of beginner-friendly hiking trails that offer incredible views and a taste of the Julian Alps’ natural beauty. Let us guide you to the perfect trail.

Hanging around with locals is fun!

We will always have fond memories of Slovenia & it is mostly because of you. Thank you for the schnapps to warm our bellies after the freezing cold descent from the mountain. We wish you and your family the greatest success and can’t wait to join you again.

Hiring electric bikes through Hike and Bike was the best thing we did on holiday in Slovenia. They were of a very high quality and made me feel like I was flying up the mountains. Did a fantastic ride up to the top (hardly any effort required) and then spent about 25 mins freewheeling down. Very efficient set-up and helpful staff. We're going to get electric bikes now - we're totally converted!

Fantastic cozy house, the location is easy to find. It’s a very comfortable house, clean and convenient. The great amount of details and services within and around the house surprised us!

If you want to stay somewhere that is idyllic, totally calming with amazing hosts, then you can’t look any further than this place. We spent an amazing two weeks just loving it here.

We recently just did another snowshoe experience in January with Grega because we loved the first one so much. We took a different group of our friends with us and they loved it as well. Thanks Grega- hope to see you again soon to try out the biking in the summer!

Wonderful weekend retreat with kids. Enjoyed every moment. The cottage is tiny but all the essential is there to ensure a super comfortable stay.

They clearly love what they do and go out of their way to make sure people enjoy themselves. Would happily book them again and you should too!

We had a very nice, quiet and lovely at the chalet. The amazing views and modern, but very cute interior gave us the best holiday we could have imagined. Would definitely recommend!

Very fair and helpful and friendly also.

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Hike & Bike
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Tourism and sports are the two things Grega loves the most. “I love the concept of being active, explore new places and enjoy a good meal at the end of the day” Grega says and if you like to do the same make sure you join Grega on one of his guided tours.


Maja loves to spend time in nature and especially in the forest. As an ANFT certified forest guide Maja will take you on a tour where you will have the chance to experience the forest and really connect with the nature. In her free time Maja loves to hike in the Julian Alps or ride her gravel bike in Bohinj valley.